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Sell Effortlessly at Exhibitions with CCAvenue's Virtual Terminal
February 18, 2011

A successful businessperson makes the most of every opportunity to sell. If you are planning to become an exhibitor at an upcoming exhibition, you should make sure that every visitor to your stall has the ability to purchase the products and services you have on display instantly. However, we live in a time where people don't carry large amounts of cash on them. So, if they are impressed with what you have to offer and they feel like making an impulsive purchase, you had better be prepared with the right tools to collect payments other than cash or you could end up in losing the sale. Any payment option that is unsecured (like a cheque, which could bounce) or leads to a delay in collecting the payment could mean a loss of sale as the `I want to buy' moment will have passed. The most logical option would be a credit card POS terminal, however, getting one for a short term event or exhibition at a offsite location or in an unfamiliar geography would entail too much logistical effort and cost to make it worth the effort. If you are a CCAvenue Merchant, relax!

As a CCAvenue merchant, you don’t have to worry or take any additional efforts to sell to customers at an exhibition. Your CCAvenue M.A.R.S. account comes equipped with an easy-to-use Virtual Terminal facility that make collecting payments, creating invoices and maintaining sales records at on-site locations such as exhibitions or your retail store easy. All you need is a PC (your laptop or your office computer) with an internet connection to log onto your CCAvenue account and start selling.

The Sale Procedure Using the Virtual Terminal Interface
A customer enters your stall, browses through your products and selects a variety of products to purchase. To confirm the sale, you will need complete an electronic form that provides the Virtual Terminal system with the information it needs to authorize credit card transaction. There are 3 quick steps for this process:

Step 1: Enter Transaction Information on the Electronic Form, Choosing Payment Option and Submitting Form

Enter Transaction Information
Before you can process a transaction, you will need to enter the following information. First, you need to assign a unique invoice number to the purchase. This number will help you track the sales record at a future date. Next, you need to enter customer's billing information such as Customer Name, Address, Country, Telephone Number, and Email Address. Then, you will need to enter the customer's shipping information, if it differs from the billing Information. Else, pre-populate the section by clicking on the check a box on this page. Lastly, enter product details such as Product Description, Total (INR) Amount (Rs.) and Additional Terms & Conditions / Other Notes or Instructions for each transaction.

Select a Payment Method
Once all relevant information is entered on the form, the customer will need to select the payment method i.e. credit card, debit card, atm cum debit card, net banking, cash card or mobile payment.

Payment/Authorization Information
The selection of payment method will automatically prompt the payment authorization information fields to be captured to be displayed. Please note that the payment authorization information fields vary depending on the customer’s choice of payment method.

For example, if the customer chooses Credit Card as his payment method, he will see the following fields:

Credit Card Number: Credit card number of the customer. The system will only accept card numbers that correspond to the types listed in the accepted payment method field.

Expiration Date: Month and year of the expiration date of the credit card. This should be entered in the format of mm / yy. For example, an expiration date of July 2015 should be entered as 0715.

He will also be required to verify and tick the appropriate option.

Card Validity
Is the Card member Present
Does the signature match (with the signature panel on the card)
Match Cardholder with Personal ID (Driving License, Passport)

Form Submission
Once all the relevant information is entered, click on the Submit button to complete the transaction.

Step 2: Payment Verification
The system will return a response regarding the status of this transaction. If your transaction is approved, you will receive a message indicating that the transaction is approved with a link to more details. If your transaction is declined, you will receive a message indicating that the transaction was declined during authorization. If an error occurs during processing or if your transaction contains invalid data, you will receive an error message indicating the error.

On successfully completing the transaction, the order will appear under the 'Pending Orders' link in your M.A.R.S account. You will need to capture the Virtual Terminal order within the stipulated 12 days, as is the case for all other orders.

Step 3: Print Invoice
Lastly, you will need to take a print out of the Virtual Terminal order invoice, obtain the signature of the customer on the invoice and send a copy of the same to CCAvenue for their records before payment for the captured Virtual Terminal orders will be released.

To summarize, with CCAvenue’s Virtual Terminal you can authorize and process credit card transactions from any PC with an Internet connection. It also simplifies your on-site invoicing process and eliminates the need to maintain separate records for online and offline sales.


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